Banopolis is a startup in transportation technology. We designed a new bikesharing system that consist of smartlock and passive dock - an improvement from the now-popular dockless bikes. Our system ensures better user experience, order, and predictability, while at the same time maintain dockless convenience and adaptability.


    With support from Telkomsel, we have implement this new system in Universitas Indonesia on NB IoT - the first application of this Low Power Wide Area Network in the region.


    Back in 2016, we design and implement Boseh, bikesharing in Bandung which was the first city-wide implementation of such system in Indonesia. Our small team consists of industrial designer, transportation planner, and engineers who are passionate to make a better urban environment.


    We believe that last-mile transportation is a universal need, and we want to give a better answer for cities - especially in developing countries.

  • Our latest innovation on ride-sharing application with improved power consumption and efficiency by utilizing low power communication module and enhanced analytics.


    We research, design, develop, and implement urban and transportation solution

    Bike Sharing

    Planning, R&D, Implementation

    We make use of IoT, NFC, GIS to develop the first 3rd Generation Bikesharing System in Indonesia. This provides us a starting point to suit and tailor bikesharing system for cities in developing countries.


    Now we are currently developing Bik - 4+ Generation Bikesharing System, with supported NB-IoT connectivity by the largest telco company in Indonesia.

    Non-Motorized Transport

    Planning and Design

    Whatever will be provided as public transportation, you still need to think about the last miles at both end of the trip. Doing short trips is a universal need.


    We believe that Non-Motorized

    Transportation campaign is vital, especially for governments in developing countries who try to increase the access and livability of their cities. We always start from the human scale and human needs.

    Public Transport

    Planning, research, assessments, evaluation

    Public transport is not only a great approach in providing equal access for everyone, it is also widely considered as the most sustainable mode of transportation.


    However, there are several prerequisites and requirements to fully utilize public transport as the backbone for urban mobility, which requires particular planning and analysis.


    Industrial & Product Design, UX

    Design is our secret weapon. Banopolis is a transportation solution provider with design and technology capabilities. We design every smallest details in every system and projects we develop, from mechanical design to UX.


    Earlier this year (2019), we have helped an undisclosed client -the largest automobiles manufacturer in Indonesia- to achieve their Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) concept and mockups.


    Boseh - Bandung Bikesharing


    Bandung Municipal decided they need a bikesharing system as part of the bigger plan to modernize the transportation system. Banopolis had appointed as the conceptor of the system, including masterplan and design, in 2016. The system consist of 30 shelter and 270 bicycle unit across the city, is aimed to acquire 1000 members and serve 100,000 trips in its first year while second and third phase of expansion is also in pipeline.

    Spekun - Universitas Indonesia


    Bikesharing is already an utilized service among Universitas Indonesia students. A system upgrade is expected to even increase the occupation rate. Bikesharing 4+ Generation intends to replace existing bike-sharing system, Sepeda Kuning. For the first phase Banopolis will provide 200 units of smart bike sharing system in Universitas Indonesia.